Fatherly Stuff: Save Time and Money with Purex® No Sort™ Dye Transfer Inhibitor

Jun 3, 2014

Save Time and Money with Purex® No Sort™ Dye Transfer Inhibitor

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If I had to post my relationship status with my household laundry on Facebook it would be listed as, “It’s complicated” 

On one hand, I enjoy wearing clean, fresh smelling clothes that do not smell like an old hamper. On the other hand, the dislike that I have for this particular chore burns deep within my soul. If you think that I am exaggerating, consider this: Each and every week, the routine is the same: I go through the various hampers around the house and dump them all in the center of the living room for sorting in order to prevent color bleeding accidents. The end result is an unrelenting, massive heap of laundry which has been accumulated due in major part to the collective efforts of a hyper-active 4 year old and a 10 month old whose favorite hobby seems to be getting as many different body fluids on as many changes of clothing as possible in one day. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the fact that I do not own a washer/dryer makes things even more challenging. Once the clothes are sorted and packed, I have to carry them down the stairs, out of the house, into the car and I make the trip to our local Laundromat. This is not only expensive, it is also time consuming. Are you getting the picture on why laundry and I aren’t exactly on the best of terms now?

If your laundry routine is even an iota as arduous as mine, then you’re probably out there looking for ways to cut back on both the time and money that you’re spending. I was thrilled to discover that I was able to easily accomplish both with one bottle of Purex® NoSort™ for Colors laundry detergent.

One of the most essential yet time consuming jobs that need to be done is sorting based on color. If not done properly, you face the risk of color bleeding accidents. However, Purex® No Sort™ literally changed the game, by creating a special formula that contains a dye transfer inhibitor, which is basically science talk that means the color from your darker clothes will not run into your light clothes. With this breakthrough, “no bleed through” technology, not only do you save time by not having to spend so much time tediously sorting piles, combining your colors allows you to wash more clothes in less loads, therefore saving you money.. 

Since using Purex® No Sort™, my laundry experience has significantly improved. Instead of wasting time needlessly sorting through our clothes, all I have to do is throw all my colors in one hamper and go.

With all of the free time we have, our family has decided to use it to finally complete all of the items on our summertime bucket list. The first item on the list? Going to the zoo!

Purex® No Sort™ can be found at your local Walmart in the Paper and Cleaning aisle.


So remember, stop sorting and start enjoying life! 

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