Fatherly Stuff: June 2015

Jun 1, 2015

A Pet Puppy Would Be Great For Your Son’s Birthday Gift

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Do you have your son’s birthday coming up and you are planning a special gift for him this year. It could be that it’s his 5th or 10th birthday and you are looking for a remarkable presentation this time. So, what is it that will make the tiny one jumping in joy with “Oh daddy, I loovvvee you soo much”? While there is no dearth of cutting edge toys and gizmos for little boys, a special gift is something that will bridge a cherished emotional bond between you two for life. A cute puppy can definitely mark a phenomenal gift for your son’s upcoming birthday.
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There are various benefits of letting your child play and grow up with a dog.

Unconditional love
First of all, a puppy can be the cutest and most loving gift ever. Your kid would get a constant companion whenever he is at home- who will never be tired of showering affection to him with constant hugs, licking and snuggling. Unlike teachers or parents, the puppy won’t ever be critical & dictate orders to your little master. They would always love him, unconditionally- & the very presence of the pup would provide a feel of security for the kid.

Positive self-image
This very unconditional love & companionship from the pup would make the kid feel important that further helps in developing self-confidence and positive feelings about oneself. The very fee that there is somebody to who I am really significant is an excellent mood booster.

Better relationships
It has been found that kids attached to their pets are better at building and maintaining relationships. It’s because companionship with the dog would help to develop feelings of empathy, love and responsibility as well as gratitude among the kids- the crucial ingredients of any successful relationship.

Physical well being
Studies say that children who grow up with pet dogs are lesser prone to asthma and allergy. Moreover, dogs are usually active and prefer running and jumping every now and them. The play sessions with the puppy would assure good exercises for your child as well since his growing years- which is very necessary for his growth, development and physical well being

Calming effect
If your son is too energetic and if you often struggle to keep pace with him, a pet puppy would be the right gift him this time. According to studies, dogs could help to calm down overtly aggressive or hyperactive kids.

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