Fatherly Stuff: The Kid Show Bracket is Over (For Now)

Mar 27, 2013

The Kid Show Bracket is Over (For Now)

One of the coolest things about blogging is the challenge of creating new ideas to engage my reader base. For the most part, the concepts that I have brought to you guys have been successful. However, as in baseball, it is also true in blogging that you aren't guaranteed a home run every time you step on the plate.

It is with this logic that I have made the decision to put an end to my Kid Show Bracket, effective immediately. I am doing this for a couple of reasons. First, there simply just was not as much interest in the bracket as I had anticipated and reader participation is key on having a successful tournament. Secondly, the winner of each match up was supposed to be decided via a polling system. Since Blogger only has polling capability on the sidebar of the site, I had to do some tricky HTML/Source coding to get into each post. Something must have went wrong because the program kept wiping away the count of the people that actually did vote (thanks to those people!). I still believe with the right moving pieces, the tournament could be successful in the future. But until then, I look forward to continue discovering fun and interesting ways to interact with you. Even if it doesn't always work out :-)

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