Fatherly Stuff: Flashlight Fun

Mar 19, 2013

Flashlight Fun

Question for you: What is the hottest toy on the market right now?

I’ll give you a hint: It’s not a $30+ item that laughs when you tickle it. You can actually find this awesome toy for less than $5 in almost any discount store in the world.

Give up? Okay, I’ll tell you! It’s a flashlight!

Hold on now, before you close out the screen for wasting your time, at least give me a chance to explain. You ever buy a huge expensive toy for your kid, only for them to just want to play with the box? Well, it’s based on that principal. Case in point: Not long ago, we bought our son an Innotab, which is the children’s version of a tablet. It has some pretty good games and he absolutely loved it- for about five minutes. He quickly got tired of the games and we were basically forced incentivized to purchase a number of game cartridges (between $30-$40) just to  keep him interested in using it. Moral of the story? Sometimes, keeping it simple is best.  The dark has a pretty bad rap for being scary and mysterious. However with a flashlight, there are a many creative games that will keep your kids entertained throughout the night (at least until it’s time for bed).

1.       Make shadow puppets

Shadow puppetry has been a popular form of entertainment all over the world for many centuries.    Whether it's making your own , or making hand shadow puppets, you can create all sorts of characters.

2.       Shadow (Sensory) guessing game

These particular activities are both stimulating and also sensory.  First, you can shine various objects like toys through the flashlight and have your child guess what it is. The other game would involve having your child identify an object based on texture (ex. rough, smooth, bumpy).
Can you guess who this character is?


3.       Tell silly stories

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This one is a classic.  We usually cover ourselves with a huge comforter, turn on the flashlight and take turns making up all sorts of fantastical stories. One of his particular favorites involves him has a superhero rescuing people from scary monsters.



4.       Hide and go seek

This is probably my favorite: We turn off all the lights in the house and either my wife or I are partnered with my son (so he won’t be afraid) as the “hider” or “seeker”. He is using the flashlight to look for the other parent or to find a nice hiding spot.
5.      Flashlight Twirling 

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         This is what all the young adults do in  the night clubs, sans alcohol and ecstasy (so I hear). For safety, I recommend you do this is an open space. Simply turn on some fun music, turn off the lights  and twirl your flashlights is various ways to make all types of light trails. Trust me, it's super fun.
So next time there blackout in your neighborhood or need an activity to do while camping or before bed, never fear; just pull out your handy dandy flashlight and you’re guaranteed have hours of fun with your kids.


  1. This is absolutely true! Most of the time my son also just prefers to play with the box rather than the toys themselves. We recently bought him the Innotab 2 and same thing, he loved it... just the first day. And as you mention as simple as it may sound, he loves to play with flashlights!

    1. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Vivi. (PS the contest is going super well! We'll have a winner by tomorrow!)