Fatherly Stuff: Don’t Become Another Statistic: Protect Yourself With Norton Mobile Security

Dec 23, 2013

Don’t Become Another Statistic: Protect Yourself With Norton Mobile Security

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How often to you think about the security of your mobile devices?  If you’re like me, it’s probably not as much as you should. But with the advancement of smartphone and tablet technology continuing to integrate into our everyday lives, comes the increasing threat of cyber-theft . Every other day, there’s a story in the news about an individual, a company and even entire countries that have fallen victim to some sort of cyber-attack in the form of malware, viruses or simply mischievous hacking. With things like that happening more and more, it should be no surprise to any of us that there was one victim of identity theft every three seconds in the US in 2012, causing more than $21 billion dollars in losses.

Another alarming statistic that I recently discovered: Of all the robberies that occurred in San Francisco, 50% of them were cell phone related. The source article goes on to discuss how these thefts are on the rise on a national scale.
As a family that owns 2 smartphones, 2 laptops, a desktop and possibly a nook in the near future, it is an unavoidable fact that technology is apart of a lot of our daily routines. With every app that is downloaded, with every item purchased or online and bill paid through a website, we do so at the risk of exposing ourselves to any and every existing online threat. 

For me, the possibility of waking up one day to money missing from my account, or receiving a call that a stranger is using my personal information to make unauthorized purchases is downright scary. Since is doesn’t look like the pace of technology is slowing down any time soon, it is more important for that ever for me, my wife and my children continue to educate ourselves on these issues, particularly on ways that we can best protect our information while still enjoying our devices. 

Besides the obvious preventative methods such as using passwords for your account other than “password” or “1234”, what else can we do to ensure our accounts are as safe as possible? One option might be to seriously looking into protective software such as Norton Security AntiVirus

Norton Mobile Security with antivirus is a program that you can download to your phones,tablets and laptop in order to protect them from theft, loss, malware and viruses. Norton offers a host of products and services that help us feel a whole lot safer:

  • Remote location allows you to pinpoint your lost or stolen device
  • Activate a "scream" alarm to locate your device
  • Set automatic schedules to scan file and new apps to detect privacy risks, malware and greyware
  • The ability to control setting for all devices through one site
  • Block specific calls and texts 
  • Activate a webcam (on your device) to take a photo of anyone who tries to use it after you list it as stolen
  • Sync/backup contacts and share across devices
  • Hotspot privacy for enhanced wifi security
  • Can lock the phone if the SIM card is taken out, making the phone useless to a potential thief

 And much more!

 I purchased the one month subscription for $19.99 and so far, I've been happy with the service. I'm notified each time I download and app that it safe to use and I can continue to conduct financial transactions over my phone with the comfort of knowing I have a little bit of muscle behind me.

Phone, laptop, desktop or tablet: You can access your Norton Security account anywhere!
 Instead of becoming another statistic, take back your power and gain control of your online security. With great products such as Norton Antivirus with Mobile Security, you can rest easy knowing you have one of the industry leaders on your corner!

To learn more about Norton and how their services can beef up your security, please visit their website, or stay connected via Facebook or Twitter

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