Fatherly Stuff: Walmart's Unlimited Plans Make Fantasy Football Fun!

Nov 1, 2013

Walmart's Unlimited Plans Make Fantasy Football Fun!

It’s been about a month since I raved about the awesome deal I got by signing up for Walmart Family Mobile Plan and so far, it's been great. As I mentioned in my prior post, one of my biggest issues with the smartphone industry is in order to get a deal on a quality phone, you are required to practically sign your life away via multi-year,unlimited plan contracts that threaten you with astronomical fees if you even think about breaking them.  The average monthly bills tend to run on the expensive side too, so either way- leave or stay- it seemed as though as the consumer, we were getting the raw end of the deal. It was from this frustration that motivated me to look elsewhere, so I was ecstatic when I discovered Walmart’s Family Mobile Plan.
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  While the idea of prepaid phones certainly isn’t new, it was always an accepted truth that the phones associated with these cheap wireless plans were typically outdated and considered low quality. However, with Walmart’s Family Mobile Plan, you get best of both worlds: The ability to get a top of the line smartphone for a reasonable price for a low rate on your monthly bill. For 40 bucks, you can get unlimited talk, text and web. That basically slashes my current mobile expenses in half. Having two young, but very hungry, fast-growing boys, my wife and I are always trying to find ways to get keep expenses low, so the cost savings of the Walmart plan makes it the best wireless option for our family.

The phone that I got was the Galaxy S4. You know that one in the commercials that does all those cool futuristic things? Yeah, that one. The GS4 is powered by a quad core processor and it is updated with JellyBean (version 4.2.2), the most recent Android operating system. Having all of these extra features makes the web connectivity super fast and the user interface high-tech looking, while still user friendly for the average user. These attributes have certainly been coming in handy, as I’m about halfway through my fantasy football season and I’m doing great.

So far, it has been an unpredictable season full of nail biters, last quarter upsets and season-ending injuries. Being able to reliably receive this information as soon as it occurs to prepare for each weekly fantasy match-up is critical. With so much happening around the NFL, it’s not difficult to miss out on these muy importante updates. But with the right smartphone, like the GS4, I knew that I was always in the loop. Because I’ve been able to get immediate alerts from my Fantasy Football apps no matter where I am, I’ve managed to make adjustments to keep my roster healthy and that is what has set me apart from the rest of the league. It’s no coincidence that the guys in my group that complain the most about their substandard service are the ones who have players who under-perform due to injuries or depth chart adjustments.

Updates come instantly to your phone with the ESPN Fantasy App

Overall, Walmart has the competition with their cheap, flexible rate plans. You have the option to purchase a brand new phone, or you can transfer your phone over. Any angle you look at it from, the customer scores!

If you're interested, I encourage to learn more about account management and information.

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