Fatherly Stuff: 16 Ways you Know You're a Dad

Nov 24, 2013

16 Ways you Know You're a Dad

Fatherhood is such a unique experience. Never before have I been so challenged, humbled, afraid and happy, sometimes all at one. From the moment my wife called me with the news that her pregnancy test was positive, I knew my life was never going to be the same.  But the other day, I was thinking; How does one know that they've actually "arrived" as a dad? Is it marked by one defining moment, or by a series of little instances that culminate over time? I thought it would be fun to explore that answer via a trendy, countdown list based on my own experiences:

1. When you login to Netflix, your recommended viewing looks something like this:

2.You can hold a genuine, mature conversation about breasts

3. You never found the color and texture of poop more interesting in your life

4. It's a totally normal occurrence to have someone else’s drool on your clothes, face and sometimes in your mouth

5. When you’re being held up in line because of someone's kid is throwing a tantrum in the grocery store, you aren’t annoyed, but rather relieved that it isn’t your child this time

6. Your Pandora “Quick Mix” ranges from Tupac Shakur, to Raffi’s “Apples and bananas”

7. Child-friendly words like “night-night” and “yummy” will incorporate themselves into adult conversations 

8. The definition of “game time” has evolved from getting ready to watch your favorite sport, to successfully cleaning and changing a wiggly infant after a level 10 diaper blowout.

9. You find yourself daydreaming about catching up on sleep

10. Other people know you’re a dad without you having to tell them, mainly because of your “World’s Greatest Dad” coffee mug, your “#1 Dad” t-shirt, or the “interesting” artwork proudly displayed in your office

11. If you have any tattoos, the majority of them are temporary

12. You're more familiar with the songs on "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and "Fresh Beat Band" than any current hit on the radio 

13. You babywear, like a freaking BOSS

14.You still love Family Guy and The Simpsons, but you find yourself secretly resenting the main characters for being such crappy fathers

15. Regarding fashion, you tend to value comfort over style.
16. It never ceases to amaze you how someone so small can make you feel 1000 feet tall 

(Bonus Round)

17. When you reach into your pocket to grab your wallet, you aren't in the least surprised that you pulled out stickers

 18. When you were younger, you used to stay up all night, mix drinks and help your friends who threw up. Now, you're  STILL up all night, except now you're mixing bottles and cleaning baby throw up.

As fun as this list was to make, I can't say for sure whether or not I am any closer to answering my question than when I started. All I know is that I am fully immersed in my role as a dad and I wouldn't trade this job for anything in the world!

Question: Did I leave anything out? Do you agree/disagree with my list? Comment below!

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