Fatherly Stuff: Score a Touchdown with the Lowest Price Rate Plan!

Oct 4, 2013

Score a Touchdown with the Lowest Price Rate Plan!

Like most of you, I’ve been a proud owner of a variety of smartphones over the years. I love the look of them as well as the connectivity I have in the palm of my hand. But has anybody noticed how expensive they’ve been getting lately?  It seems like every other month there is a cool new smartphone hitting the market that everyone must have. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of keeping up with these trends because my family and I, like most households, are stuck with an expensive, 2 year mobile contract. That’s 730 days, and translating that into terms of technology, it might as well be an eternity.
It’s pretty much for this reason that I started exploring my options.  While I am happy with the quality of the phone and carrier that I currently have, I feel as though I am paying way too much for my mobile service.  I figured, there HAS to be something better out there.

And luckily, there is!

Now when I first heard about Walmart’s #FamilyMobileSaves prepaid mobile plan, I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical at first. The general school of thought was with prepaid phones, you tend to sacrifice phone quality in exchange for price. That perception has been completely shattered with Walmart’s Family Mobile Plan.. Not only was I able to purchase one of the hottest phones on the market, the Galaxy S4, the cost for unlimited talk, text and internet is only $39.99. Right now, I’m paying about $80 a month for just myself, so I could potentially be looking at a savings of $480 dollars in a year. A cheap wireless plan indeed. That’s a sweet chunk of change that could be put towards the kids’ college fund..ooor maybe a new flatscreen? I’ll kink out the details with the wife.

Having a reliable smartphone with fast internet is great all year long, but it is especially crucial for me to have it during football season because I am heavily involved in Fantasy Football. During the off-season, the people in my league are all good friends. However starting draft day and through the rest of the season, it’s every man for himself. It’s no holds barred, gritty, smack talking, ultra-competitive football behind the screen of a smartphone. In order to maintain an edge above the other players throughout the season, I lay out various tactics each and every week that I tailor to each opponent I face. As soon as I brought my Galaxy S4 and starter kit home, I activated it with their super easy process and I was able to get right down to business.

What a lot of amateur FF players don’t realize is ultimately, the person with the most reliable internet has the greatest edge of all. This is because with great internet connection, you can be in any location- especially in places where most people get bad reception- and still have the ability to quickly receive league updates such as new injuries, last minute depth chart changes , trade updated or even changes in rankings. The person who can consistently receive that information can use it to quickly make changes to their lineup, drop or pick up most wanted players, or propose/accept or decline trades. It’s all about being first and since Walmart Family Mobile's best wireless connectivity is powered by T-Mobile, you will be sure to keep you ahead of the pack.

With the Walmart Family Mobile plan, I receive the same high quality of service that I’m already accustomed to already, while saving a lot money, all while continuing to assert my dominance in my Fantasy football league. I’m actually happy to say that it is much faster than the service I had before! I was able to download all my new apps, including my ESPN fantasy mobile app in a split second.  In about a month I will be checking in and giving you guys a full status report on how things are going. So stay tuned and as always, thanks for reading!

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