Fatherly Stuff: Top 10 Tips to Pacify a Crying Baby

Jan 25, 2013

Top 10 Tips to Pacify a Crying Baby

Note: This is my first guest article from fellow dad blogger Mike Neil. I hope you enjoy!

Top 10 Tips to Pacify a Crying Baby

You need to be really patient and careful while trying to pacify a crying baby. For babies, crying is the only way of communication to let others know about their needs. But the fact is that, most of the times, it is really difficult to understand what your baby is trying to say to you. Here are different things you can do to pacify a crying baby.

1. Feed your baby
The main thing that makes a baby cry is hunger. When babies feel hungry, they cry to let their mother know that they need food. You might not easily understand this as you might have fed your baby just a few hours back. But as the baby’s small tummy can’t hold very much and they urinate quite often, they will become hungry every few hours in the beginning.

2. Check the diaper
As babies urinate frequently, they become uncomfortable when their diaper become wet. So, check your baby’s diaper even though you changed it recently. Change it if required.

3. Check the temperature
Babies cry when they are too hot or too cold. You can use a thermometer if you cannot make sure whether the baby’s body temperature is normal. If you have overdressed your baby, remove a layer. If she feels too cold, use an extra blanket.

4. Burp your baby
Most babies get gas bubbles soon after feeding which make them uncomfortable. Burp the baby by rubbing or patting her back while you are carrying her with her head over your shoulder or while she is lying in your lap face down. This would release the gas and make her comfortable.

5. Hold your baby
Babies love physical contact so hold your baby and keep her very close to you. You can even swing as you hold her. Even after holding if she continues crying, then you can change the way you hold her.

6. Sing, talk or play music for your baby
Tender songs from her mother usually calm baby. You can even play music to soothe your baby. You can speak quietly to your baby as your voice is familiar and soothing for her.

7. Put your baby to sleep
Babies cry when they become tired and want to sleep. Take your baby to a calmer environment and try methods that will make your baby sleep. Some need singing whereas some others need swaying to help them fall asleep.

8. Allow your baby to suck on something
Many babies become comfortable when allowed to suck. Let her suck a pacifier or your clean finger to stop the crying.

9. Take your baby outside
Fresh air might make your baby feel better. So, take your baby out of the room.

10. Consult with a doctor
If you feel that your baby is crying because of severe pain and cannot get her to quiet down, then call a doctor immediately to discuss your concerns.

Mike has been taking care of his 2 children for the last 6 years and has gained a lot of experience parenting. Mike started blogging on parenting and child development 4 years ago and has published numerous articles. Mike is also a regular http://www.toysparadise.com.au also a toy reviewer and a keen runner!

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  1. You gave some good tips Mike. And I actually liked the fact that you also told people to consult a doctor if they had concerns because recently I read an article where they advised people to give their child medication! if the child continued crying for no reason.
    What are your views on medication?
    Great Post.