Fatherly Stuff: Lessons From a Sick Child

Mar 22, 2012

Lessons From a Sick Child

I'll set the scene:

It was 3am and my sleep was disturbed by a vaguely familiar sound that is coming from my son's bedroom. Still half asleep, I groggily walk down the hallway to his bedroom to make sure he's okay.

My poor little guy was hunched over a bucket, dry heaving while his mother is rubbing his back and consoling him.

Apparently this was going on since midnight but somehow I missed it and was just waking up (Father fail, face palm). We later discovered there was a pandemic spreading at his daycare (thanks guys for the heads up) that eventually claimed my son as a victim. I discussed how kids passing on germs to one another was one of the cons associated with daycare in an earlier article.

Considering he was hurling his little brains out for most of the night, he was such a trooper. As I was getting ready for work (mom stayed home), I asked him how he was doing.

He replies enthusiastically, "I have a bucket that I can puke in and I go 'hurrrrr!' in it."

I don't know about you, but I've had a couple of stomach bugs and my attitude could be described as less than thrilled. Okay, I'm usually a big baby. It just goes to show the the resiliancy of children. It's a quality that I admire and we should all try to emulate when faced with tough situations.

Unfortunately, his day eventually lead us to the emergency room where he was given something to help the vomiting (followed by an awesome Monsters Inc sticker and a popsicle). However, he still  isn't 100%, so it'll be my turn to be home with the little guy and take care of him. Hopefully, he'll be well enough for us to get out of the house so we can enjoy the beautiful weather. Either way, I have a feeling he'll be okay.

Chillaxing under a bunch of blankets watching Elmo

I'm looking for suggestions! What types of activities to you do with your child when they are home sick? Arts and crafts? Movie marathon? Comment with your ideas below!

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  1. aw, poor little guy! this reminds me of when my twins had chickenpox; they were SO sick! it's frustrating as a parent when your child is sick...you wish it could be you, instead of him or her.

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  3. Sorry to hear Kyle. As luck would have it, both Mr 12 and I are down with sore throat and coughing. Not feeling good.

    I was going to suggest reading (good to start them young!) but perhaps in short sessions with a bit of Elmo in between.