Fatherly Stuff: Hilarious Baby Sleep Positions

Mar 8, 2012

Hilarious Baby Sleep Positions

As a blogger, one of my favorite activities is to, well, read other blogs. One of my favorite is called How To Be A Dad. They're speciality is showing the lighter, funnier side of fatherhood by creating a variety of skits, comics and stories. One of the best posts was about baby sleeping positions. It's too funny not to share.

We taught our son early to sleep in his bassinet and later his crib. But occasionally, he would spend a couple of nights with us in our bed. We made sure it never becasme a habit, but I understand there are some parents who are okay with it. God have mercy on your souls.

 Usually it would end up like the pictures below. If you're a parent, you should be able to relate to at least 80% of these pictures.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Ha ha! Those positions are hilarious and some aren't too far from the truth! It's been awhile since we've had one of the kids in bed with us. I do remember getting very little sleep.

  2. Yeah,they're pretty spot on. I'm most familiar with "The Dog House". It was easier for everyone involved :-)

  3. LOL this pic is popular in facebook.


  4. Yeah, it's all over the place. The guys at howtobeadad are a creative bunch. Thanks for checking out the page!

  5. LOL! our twins also slept in their cribs, but every now and then, our queen-sized bed would be invaded by two very wiggly, space-hogging boys...now that they're all grown up, i miss those days!

  6. So true... I'm having flashbacks of "The Neck Scarf" transitioning into "The Roundhouse Kick". It was a little like trying to get some sleep in the middle of a MMA match.

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