Fatherly Stuff: Battle Stink (and Stress) with Irish Spring Signature Products

Mar 10, 2015

Battle Stink (and Stress) with Irish Spring Signature Products

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With the exception of a slice of New Haven, CT pizza, here isn’t anything on this earth that I love more than my kids (kidding!).  But seriously, as much as they mean to me, I’m not afraid to admit that they can really drive me up a wall every now and then.  It could be because I’ve had a particularly rough day at work, or maybe I didn’t get enough sleep the night before for some reason (curse you, House of Cards!). Whatever the cause, being able to identify when you need to take a moment to yourself to decompress is a very critical skill to have as a parent.  My wife and I use this skill all the time to communicate exactly when we’re in need of one of our “moments”. During this time, one of us will keep the kiddos occupied while the other gets the opportunity to remove themselves from the immediate proximity of the area in order to go do whatever they want in order to unwind. Now, the specific activity that I like to do during my particular “moment” depends on how much time I’ve been allotted. Usually, my time is limited. And in those cases, my favorite thing, or My Signature Move to execute, is throwing on my robe, heading to the bathroom and taking a nice, hot shower. This might sound crazy, but hear me out:  in a hectic home like mine, the shower is one of the few places that I can find peace and quiet and be alone with my thoughts. It's like my own little fortress of solitude. Sometimes, I'll even play a little music while my worries wash away like the water rolling down my back. During my shower session, are two constant companions that I bring with me:  My Irish Spring Signature Body Wash and/or Bar Soap. I love the scent because it relaxes me and my wife loves the way I smell when I'm done. I always feel like a brand new man afterward who is refreshed and ready to face whatever is thrown at me (even if it’s a giant Lego from the kids).
The other day I had to run to Walmart to grab a couple of groceries. Since I was running low on Irish Spring body wash, I made sure that I stopped by the health and beauty isle in order to restock my supply.

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I've talked about the ways that I like to get rid of stress, now I want to hear from you! What other ways do you battle stress? Let me know in the comments!

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