Fatherly Stuff: Top 4 Times I Needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

Mar 11, 2014

Top 4 Times I Needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Be proactive, not reactive?”

Well, the sentiment is all well and good, but simply put; there are just certain situations where it just doesn’t work out that way. This has never been truer when it comes to treating medical issues. We try our best to keep ourselves and our children as healthy as possible, but things just….happen. Flare ups, injuries and sickness tend to throw a monkey wrench into your best laid plans and often, we end up in a doctor’s office or emergency room because of them. That’s just how it’s been. But now, with Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Philadelphia emerging all over the country, families are given a low cost alternative. Indeed, three are a few situations where I definitely needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic:

1. The Time I Broke Out in Hives
 One time that I needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic was when I made the mistake of buying a new shirt from the clothing store. Usually, this wouldn’t seem like a thing that would be bad for one’s health, except for the fact that I didn't wash it and immediately wore it the next day to work. By the time I came home, my body, face and limbs were completely covered in hives. You would think that my first instinct would be to medical assistance, but in my stubborn wisdom, I figured I would eventually be okay and whatever issue I had would work itself out on its own. Luckily, my wife did not share my same sentiments and made me see a doctor. I was given a shot and a round of oral steroids that cleared everything up in about a week.

2. The Time I Got the Swine Flu
Another time when a visit to a Walgreens #HealthcareClinic would have been helpful was during the H1N1 epidemic. I was one of the unlucky people who contracted it and as a result, I was laid up in bed for days. Luckily, my wife received the vaccine before she could catch it from me. Also, since she was breastfeeding our oldest at the time, her antibodies were passed along to him, so he avoided getting sick as well.  

3. My Son's Many Ear Infections
The walk-in services that are provided by Walgreens Healthcare Clinic would have certainly come in handy during all of my son’s ear infections. They always started the same; he would get a cold that would cause congestion. Then, the ear infection would be diagnosed and antibiotic would be prescribed. There was a time in particular when he got a rash from one of the antibiotics and we rushed him to a clinic, where we were given a different medication. After the cycle for cold/ear infection/antibiotics repeated itself too many times, we were finally referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist who did a small surgery to put tubes in his ears. We were extremely nervous at the time, but in retrospect it was the best thing that we could have done for him since he has not gotten an ear infection since.

 4. The Time My Son Was Probably Bitten by a Spider

 One day, my son woke up with severe pain in his foot.  It was so swollen and tender; he had trouble walking on it. Upon examining it, my wife and I discovered that he was bitten by something, most likely a spider. A Walgreens Healthcare Clinic would have been to perfect place to take him to in order to be seen by a healthcare processional and receive proper treatment.

Whether it’s for yourself, or your children, parents can rest assured that Walgreens Walk In Healthcare Clinics are an excellent place to receive high-quality treatment from caring professional staff at a reasonable price. Please feel free to check out their website so your can discover first hand to services they have to offer. Thank you  to #CollectiveBias for giving me to opportunity to share my story!

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