Fatherly Stuff: Get the Most out of your Tax Refund with Walmart Family Mobile

Feb 18, 2014

Get the Most out of your Tax Refund with Walmart Family Mobile

How much thought does your family put into your tax refund and how it will be used? Every year, my wife and I sit at our kitchen table over a cup of coffee and we discuss the best way to get the most mileage out of our return. It’s not because we necessarily get that large of a sum, but we find that coming together and setting up a game plan allows us to hold each other accountable and ensure we’re staying on track with our long term budgeting goals. What we ultimately decided to do with the money is quite boring actually; most of it will be added to our savings, some will be used to pay off bills. Of all the things that we have on or list to purchase or pay off, there’s one thing that we absolutely don’t have to worry about: our phone bill. You see, ever since we made the decision to purchase Walmart’s Family Mobile Plan back in November, we’ve been amazed at the savings we’ve been able to take advantage of by hooking up with one of the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans out there!

With Walmart Family Mobile, you have the option of either purchasing one of their top of the line
smartphones, many of which are under $100, or depending on what plan you currently have, you can simply transfer the phone you have now to them. Seeing as my old phone was years behind the tech curve, I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is still being touted as one of the best smartphones of our time. With its sleek design and Gingerbread Android operating system, it was practically love at first sight.  At the time, I used my new phone primarily to get real time updates and stats for my NFL fantasy league. Now that the season is over, I mainly use it for  email and catching up on my  favorite TV shows on Nextflix that aren’t appropriate for my children. Oh and I also make the occasional call from time to time.

Over the 3 months since I’ve joined the Walmart Family Mobile Network, my monthly phone cost for Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web has been practically been slashed in half. I’m able to enjoy all of the benefits of having a smartphone plan, without the hassle of signing up with a two year contract. That way, whenever the next cool phone is unveiled, I have the flexibility to purchase it without any issues.
So, when you’re sitting at the table deciding on how you should spend your tax refund, consider checking out a plan with Walmart Family Mobile. It has saved me a bunch of money so far and I’m sure it will do the same for you! But don’t take my word for it. Check out their site and find out how they will benefit you!

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