Fatherly Stuff: Get Popular Electronics for the Whole Family at Best Buy

Jan 27, 2014

Get Popular Electronics for the Whole Family at Best Buy

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Since my wife decided that she would give up her job as a teacher to be stay at home mom to our two boys, we’ve been doing our best to be as smart as possible when shopping. Typically, that would mean scouring the internet for the best deal possible before finally making a decision. This method works most of the time, but it can be time consuming and in the case of electronic devices, inefficient.  Sure, you can read reviews and compare the specs of specific brands item for item, but until you physically get to test it for yourself, you really won’t get a true feel for whether that product is for you.   So, when we decided to look into upgrading our current home theater system, I wasn’t the most optimistic. However, we soon discovered that most of our issues were virtually nonexistent after one trip to Best Buy.

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As soon as we walked into the store, we were drawn in by the spacious layout that encourages exploration of their various electronic displays. We headed over to the Home Theater section, where we were able to check out their Ultimate Showroom. We were then greeted by Frank, a helpful and friendly sales associate who assisted us in navigating the showroom and provided us with great insights on the really cool products that they have to offer. For example, he demonstrated how with a Samsung LED Smart TV, you can use your hand to navigate through the menu to access different applications or change channels. Holy Jetsons, Batman! That blew my mind. The thought of never having to worry about a lost remote was music to my ears. He proceeded to explain how Samsung products and accessories (wireless speakers, Blu-Ray, mobile phones, etc.) are programmed as an ecosystem; they have the ability to “speak” to each other, with the goal of creating the best experience possible for the user. This was particularly exciting news for my wife and me because we are already proud owners of the Samsung Note 3 and Galaxy S4, respectively,  as well as a Samsung Blu-ray player, so we’re already moving in the right direction. Soon, we’ll be able to go from watching the big game, to recording it and switching over to a family movie with the ease of texting a friend. They really follow through with with #OneBuyForAll philosophy. Also, it's nice to know that when I am ready to make those larger purchases, Best Buy has a number of services that will help with delivery, instillation and setup.

After some discussion, we narrowed our choices down and ultimately zeroed in on the Roku 3, which is a device that connects to your HDTV and streams all types of programming to your home. Since we were interested in setting up Roku 3 in lieu of our current cable service, Frank was nice enough to not only explain the pros and cons of doing so, but he also pulled up our house on their computer and showed us how good of a signal our regular antenna would get should we cancel our cable. Before we committed to our purchase, we had to make sure we took advantage of Best Buy’s Low Price Guarantee, which basically means that they’ll match any offer that any other retailer has on the spot. We checked out the other competitors and confirmed that we were indeed getting the best price possible on our Roku 3. We're really looking forward to setting it up so we can continue to enjoy the same quality shows that we currently do, while erasing an expense on our monthly budget.
A satellite view of our house, so we'd know what kind of antenna reception to expect

 After we made our purchase, we stayed in the store for a little longer to check out some of their laptop/tablet hybrids, as we are also in the market for one of those ever since my 4 year old cracked the screen on our old one by stepping on it (long story... don't ask!). We also checked out some of their gaming systems. I, as well as our 4 year old were fully entertained playing some of the demos as we now have a potential console on our purchase list in the near future.

  Overall, we were very pleased with our showroom experience at Best Buy. Not only do they have a  knowledgeable staff and a very inviting environment, you can be certain that what you're paying for your product is the best because of their price matching philosophy. For a busy family such as mine, anything that you can do to make our lives easier is welcomed!

To learn more about what Best Buy's showroom experience has to offer, please visit their Home Theater link       

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