Fatherly Stuff: Funny Convo with My Kid

Feb 3, 2013

Funny Convo with My Kid

I'll set the scene:

It's past his bedtime on a preschool night. He sometimes has the habit of waking up in the middle of the night to come into our room and cuddle with his mom. Usually we send him back to his room, but every now again his request is indulged. However on this particular night in his sleep induced confusion, he crawled onto my side of the bed and cuddled with me, only to reject me like I had the Spanish influenza once he realized his mistake;

Son: No, I don't wanna cuddle with you daddy!

Me: Why not? I'm just as good of a cuddler as mommy aren't I?

Son: No, becasue you don't have any boobies!

So apparently when it comes to comfort, boobs trump hairy chest. Can't argue with that logic.

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