Fatherly Stuff: Burnin' Rubber with Toy State: Road Rippers, DUB Garage, CAT/CAT Preschool and 007 (Reviews and Giveaway)

Jul 22, 2013

Burnin' Rubber with Toy State: Road Rippers, DUB Garage, CAT/CAT Preschool and 007 (Reviews and Giveaway)

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*Disclaimer: All toys were provided to me at no cost, but all of the opinions are completely my own*

Even at the tender age of four, it’s obvious that my son is a car and truck fanatic. Whether it’s at home, at school with his friends, or pointing them out on the street, things with wheels and loud, rumbling motors are never too far from his mind!
It is for this reason, that I am a big fan of Toy State. Toy State is a widely popular manufacturer that has a talent for creating some of the hottest vehicle-based toys on the market. My son and I have been fortunate enough to play with review a number of toys from some of their top product lines.
The toys that I will be going over in this posting are from Road Rippers, DUB Garage, CAT, CAT Preschool and 007. Each of these product lines have a wide selection of vehicles that come in an assortment of sizes, designs and features, so you are virtually guaranteed to find the right gift for your child no matter what their age range or preference.
Road Rippers are a fleet of ultra-cool, custom design vehicles just for you! Multiple play functions, lights, sound fun, and all the best licensed and custom body styles will keep playtime rolling all day long! There were two of these that we got to try out:
Come-Back Racers
Have you ever had an awesome pet that was fun to play with and came to you whenever you called it?  Well, that’s basically what it’s like to have a Come-Back Racer, except instead of it having fur and paws, it has cool paint job and a sweet set of rims. The one my son and I got to play with is an exact scale model of a performance grade Dodge Ram. It’s battery operated (included, which isn’t always the case for some toys you buy these days)and has three buttons on its roof  that revs the engine and makes it either race, dance back and forth to a song, or drives forward, then comes right back to you. If noise is an issue for you, there is a mute button conveniently located on the underside of the car, a setting that is not included with most pets.
Anything with flashing lights and music are sure to get all the kiddies excited. Never has this statement been truer than with Road Rippers Hatchbacks. Each car is modeled after real race cars (the one we received is modeled after to the 2012 MINI Countryman that was actually raced in the 2012 World Rally Championship). All of them are also tricked out with a special speaker system that rotates through three customized styles each time you open up the hatch.

The brainchild of DUB Magazine and Toy State, DUB Garage presents a fleet of sleek, custom-made vehicles that look like something straight out of a Fast and Furious movie. The one I received was the Beatmakerz edition. At the push of a button, the car lights up and in the back, there is a sound board that allows your child to become a DJ and create music mixes with realistic DJ scratches and song. There are other DUB Garage cars that are motorized and are remote controlled. With cars like these, it’s no wonder that their motto is that their product “Makes Other Toys Seems Just Like Toys”
What I love about the CAT & CAT Preschool line is the effort that is makes to resemble and function like the real Caterpillar machines and vehicles that you would typically see at a construction site.
Take for instance, the CAT Mini Playset which was created to be played either on its own, or with the Iron Diesel Train Set (See review for this product HERE). Because of the realistic look of the forklift, barrels and conveyor belt, my son and I were able to create a bunch of fun games that were also educational. The knob needs to be manually turned, which is great for developing a young child’s motor skills and enhancement of their understanding of basic mechanics. You truly do experience the "feel of real".

The CAT Preschool Bump & Go Dump Truck is designed to pack a wallop while also providing easy of use. All you have to do is push a button and watch it light up and go…and go…. And go. The truck drives forward until it hits an obstacle, like a wall. Then, it goes in reverse, makes a K-turn and it just keeps on driving. The only way to keep it from going is to push the button on top, so it’s a great no-frills, entertaining toy for a younger child. With toys like this, CAT Preschool proves once again that it's "never too early to get to work"!
In celebration of the James Bond movie franchise reaching its 50th anniversary, Toy State has commissioned some pretty cool cars with amazing features.  This includes the Aston Martin DB5, which was featured in Casino Royal (a.k.a. the first movie where Daniel Craig took up the Bond mantle). The car is a flawless replica and it’s pretty solid and durable feeling in your hand. However, the biggest draw for this car by far has to be the light-up and motorized features: Push, the first button, the car zooms approx. 6 feet across the room. Push the 2nd button, it starts playing the original James Bond theme music. The third button simultaneously beeps the horn while flashing its lights.
Any one of the fantastic toys will keep playtime rolling for hours and make your child the coolest kid on the block!

All of these Toys are Available at Target and Amazon,
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