Fatherly Stuff: Do You Need To Get A Life? (In Flowchart Form)

Feb 15, 2012

Do You Need To Get A Life? (In Flowchart Form)

The inspiration for this post actually came a few days ago, based on a reply to one of my facebook statues:

My post: Watching Monster's Inc w/ the little one. I forgot how hilarious this movie was.

Reply: Come outside! You've been in the house too long lol

That reply really got me thinking. As a parent, I dedicate so much of my non-working time to my family, I find it easy to forget that it is equally important to take time for yourself to pursue my own interests, as least once in a while. That led me to the following question: How do you know it's time to get out of the house, or get a "life"? The following flowcart should answer that question for you pretty quickly. Take a look and see where you fit!

(You're going to have to click or the picture to get a better view)

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