Fatherly Stuff: Hilarious Video of Dads Changing Diapers

Mar 16, 2012

Hilarious Video of Dads Changing Diapers

In honor of the recent Huggies Controversy, I thought I would post the following hilarious video of dads changing their child's diaper (or attempting to anyway).

While funny, these video clips were obviously taken some time ago and is not an accurate representation of the modern father, who can change a diaper (no matter how great the smell), without batting an eye. Actually, the video would likely be more related to a dad's first few experiences; We don't become experts overnight. It does take a little practice. I remember accidentally putting on my son's diaper backwards at least a couple of times when I was first learning, which got a few laughs.

The "most interesting" moment of that first week would have to be the time when I was changing him and his eyes suddenly grew wide and bugged. Next thing I know, I was introduced to a wonderful talent of babies that no one ever tells you about: Projectile Poop. I swear it must have flew a least 2 feet across the room.

Reenactment of what I imagine was probably going on in his colon
After the initial shock wore off, all we could do was laugh. I have a feeling this information was intentionally withheld by our parents, as some sort of "new parent's club" initiation.

 In any case, I'll stop rambling and let you Enjoy the video. Happy Friday!



  1. Brilliant post and just loved the video, what a laugh. One to show the kids on their 18th birthday party.

  2. Yes, I totally agree. Thank you for continuing to read, it's much appreciated!

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